​Sexual Harassment and Bullying exists in the workplace today. It is not a Hollywood issue but instead a Human Rights issue. It is because of the Hollywood Platform that media outlets are all talking about it today. Ensure all of your staff from your employees to your managers and human resources know what your policy is in regards to Workplace Diversity and Respect. If you do not have current policies you can purchase a customized HR Manual complete with policies to be used by your organization. More info __________

As per The Alberta Human Rights Commission:

Sexual harassment is discrimination based on the ground of gender, which is prohibited under the Alberta Human Rights Act Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual behaviour that adversely affects, or threatens to affect, directly or indirectly, a person's job security, working conditions or prospects for promotion or earnings; or prevents a person from getting a job, living accommodations or any kind of public service.

Sexual harassment is usually an attempt by one person to exert power over another person. It can be perpetrated by a supervisor, a co-worker, a landlord or a service provider.

Sexual harassment is unwanted, often coercive, sexual behaviour directed by one person toward another. It is emotionally abusive and creates an unhealthy, unproductive atmosphere in the workplace.

Employees, customers or clients can make sexual harassment and sexual assault complaints to the Alberta Human Rights Commission. These complaints can be costly, both in terms of financial costs and employee morale, particularly for employers who do not have an effective sexual harassment policy in place or who do not treat such complaints seriously.