Driving. We all do it, but how many of us have had specific safety training for the vehicles we drive? Every class of vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses, and unless you are trained in the differences between them, it's hard to be a safe and effective driver.  Auto collisions, for example, are the leading cause of injury-related deaths, an estimated total of 1.2 million in North America in 2004, or 25% of the total from all causes. Work-related collisions are the number one cause of death from traumatic injuries in the U.S. alone. Work collisions account for nearly 12,000 deaths  in between 1992 and 2000. Obviously, deaths and injuries from roadway collisions result in increased costs to employers and lost productivity in addition to their toll on the individual worker. Industrial workers routinely operate company-owned and personally owned vehicles for deliveries, sales and repair calls. The employer providing the vehicle generally plays a major role in setting safety, maintenance, and training policy.​