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Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace harassment prevention - Premium Package
Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace harassment prevention - Premium Package
Times have changed. Does your organisation comply with the new Alberta OHS Act?

Creating a positive workplace culture: A Workplace harassment prevention program - Premium package 

The Premier Package is not online training but instead is the core of the Harassment Prevention Plan that organisations are required to have to comply with Alberta's OHS Act (2017). This program is the backbone of compliance – and forms the framework for the training. Training for your managers and employees are not included in the cost of the Premier Package. 

As the HR Manager/CEO or President/Director/Business Owner you would purchase one package for your organisation - no matter how many employees.

The new Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, which came into effect on 1 June 2018, places the responsibilities for harassment prevention on everyone in the workplace, including: 

1. Employers' responsibilities: 

• ensuring the health, safety and welfare of workers and the public 
• providing competent supervisors, training workers, and preventing violence and harassment 
• working with the joint worksite health and safety committee or health and safety representative 
• developing and implementing a harassment prevention plan for their workplaces and making them      readily available to all workers 

2. Supervisors are responsible for preventing violence and harassment. 

3. Workers have a duty to protect their own and others' health and safety and not participate in violence and harassment. 

All employers must have a harassment prevention plan which includes:

• Policies/procedures 
• Consultation about the policies/procedures 
• Dissemination of policies/procedures 
• Training all employees about the policies/procedures and their responsibilities 
• Review the policies/procedures every three years or after incidents 

At the core of the plan are the written policies and procedures which must include: 

• How workers can report harassment 
• How the employer will respond to complaints of harassment (eg how to document, investigate and implement controls to prevent harassment)
• How the outcome of the investigation will be fed-back to the person who made the complaint and the alleged harasser 

Employers must consult with their employees about the harassment prevention plan – specifically with the joint work site health and safety committee (HSC), any health and safety (HS) representative(s) and/or workers.

Once you have consulted about the policies/procedures, they must be finalised and made available to all workers at the workplace (either in an electronic document on a shared drive or in hard copy in a binder). 

Then employers must train/instruct workers about their workplace harassment prevention system:

• How to recognise harassment; 
• What policies/procedures are in place to eliminate or control harassment; 
• How to respond/report harassment 
• How to report, investigate or document incidents of harassment. 

Training records must be maintained. 

The policies/procedures must be reviewed every three years, or after a harassment incident investigation is completed. 

National Safety Coordinators have taken the guesswork out of compliance by creating a suite of products for employers to tailor and use to comply with this Act. 

The Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace Harassment Prevention Program includes: 

• Sample harassment prevention policies and procedures that employers can tailor to the specific needs of their workplace 
• A template for consulting with their workers about those policies and procedures 
• Team talk kit for managers/supervisors to communicate the requirements for all employees and long-term contractors to take online harassment prevention training 
• The opportunity to purchase online or in-person training aligned to the sample policies and procedures, which includes certificates which are valid for three years 
• Information for management on retaining documentation to demonstrate compliance with consultation and training requirements. 

The premium package is the best option for you if you are an employer, entrepreneur, business owner, Human Resource Professional, CEO or in charge of corporate training such as an HSE professional. The program assists how to roll out the new policies included in this package. 

NSC offers employee/worker training to employers, unions and associations. For organisations who request more than 100 courses, NSC can tailor the training to meet your specific needs. Call 780.851.8273 for more information.

 Your investment in compliance is $499

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