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Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace harassment prevention - training for Managers and Supervisors
Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace harassment prevention - training for Managers and Supervisors
Does your organisation comply with the new Alberta OHS Act?

Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace harassment prevention.

This training is for managers, supervisors and/or any people leaders who have workers report to them. 
The new Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act (2017) requires all Albertan workplaces to implement a harassment prevention plan. Additionally, employers are responsible for ensuring that supervisors are competent and prevent violence and harassment. And supervisors are responsible for preventing workplace violence and harassment. 

While this law is Albertan, this package applies to most Canadian employers, as most provinces also require employers to implement systems to prevent workplace harassment, bullying and sexual harassment. 
National Safety Coordinators has taken the guesswork out of compliance by creating a suite of products for employers to tailor and use to comply with health and safety requirements to prevent workplace harassment (which includes bullying and sexual harassment). 

This suite of products includes specialty training for managers and supervisors which includes: 
• What is appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviour  
• How employees should report inappropriate behaviour
• How to respond when inappropriate workplace behaviour is reported to them or they observe it
• How to create a positive team culture
This training includes a quiz to ensure understanding.

Managers and supervisors who successfully complete the quiz receive a certificate which should be retained as proof of successfully completing training. 

This training can be purchased separately or as part of National Safety Coordinators’ Creating a positive workplace culture: Workplace harassment prevention premier program, which includes policies/procedures, team talk kits and a consultation guide. 

Please call National Safety Coordinators at 780.851.8273 for details on the premier package, if you are an employer, entrepreneur, business owner, Human Resource Professional, CEO or in charge of corporate training such as an HSE professional. The program assists how to roll out the new policies included in this package. 

If you are a member of a local, union, non-union,  association/membership or have more than 100 members, contractors or employees special arrangements have been made for you. Please request your promo code to ensure the proper training and assist NSC in your organisation's tracking of this training. 

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